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This platform is a tool to help entrepreneurs starting agri-value or bioscience businesses in Saskatchewan develop their ideas.

At the end of the process, you will have a clear picture of your business in your mind and on a printed document (an Executive Summary) that will help you share your plan.
Agri-value business
  • Agri-food product or ingredient development
  • Dairy, poultry, and meat (new product or ingredient manufacturing)
  • Fermentation, distillation, and other wet processing into value-added ingredients
  • Fractionation, processing, and sale of plant ingredients
  • Fruit and berry processing into value-added ingredients
  • Innovative novel food, functional food, and nutraceuticals
Other bioscience-based business
  • Biofuels and/or related technologies and products
  • Biologicals, including fertilizers, fungicides, growth enhancers, nutrients, pesticides, and stimulants
  • Bioproducts, including plant-based consumer and industrial products
  • Biotechnology, including gene editing, and development of novel breeding methods and traits
  • Green-tech / Green-ag
  • Other agricultural bioscience
Digital or ag-tech business
  • Agricultural production, farm management, livestock, and IoT (Internet of Things) software platforms
  • Indoor agriculture and other novel farming systems
  • Precision agriculture, including novel connectivity, sensing, and robotics technologies
  • Technologies in mid-stream agricultural manufacturing and logistics
  • Other ag-tech

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